The School History

The School History
The very first building of San Pedro Academy established and opened in 1969 at the center of the suburbs of San Pedro, Laguna. That same year, the town folk`s dream of providing their children quality catholic education unfolded into reality.

Most Reverend Pedro N. Bantigue, DD., then Bishop of the newly erected Diocese of San Pablo was the founder, director of the diocesan schools. Bishop Bantique also acted as the director of the academy. For the first nine years, different religous congregations such as the Augustinians Recollect (A.R.) Sisters, Canossians (FDCC), Dominicans (OP) took turns in administering and supervising the schools as per request of the bishop. During the succeeding years, however, San Pedro Academy was run and managed by the Lay administration.

During the school`s early years of operation, there were only 500 hundred students and 16 teachers. But gradually enrollment increased year by the year out.

On the fateful day of 13 of June 1978, San Pedro Academy got big blow when fire razed the establishment and left nothing but ashes. With the aim of continuing what had been started, the school was constructed in 1979 and since the SPA had been known as LICEO DE SAN PEDRO. The new building, which houses more classroom was made of concrete materials. On the other hand, the Old San Pedro Parochial School adjacent to the San Pedro Apostol Parish was turned over to Liceo De San Pedro and became its Annex Building. From then on, enrolment has gone up to 3,200 from 500 students. The School has now more than 70 faculty members to handle the growing number of enrollees.

In, 1985, Mr. Librada C. Enriquez took over as principal of Liceo De San Pedro and assitant to the Director, Bishop Bantigue. Many changes occured and discipline were implemented. Fraternities, addiction to durgs, vandelism etc., were closely monitoring jointly by the faculty and staff, parents and the students themselves. When Mrs. Enriquez decided to join her family abroad. Mrs. Millie Calica succeeded her as the Officer-in Charge (OIC). After her term of office, Mrs. Calica opted to venture into another world of work such as guidance and counseling.

Then, Sis. Presentation made a comeback and served a second term around in 1993-1994. After a year of service as OIC, she left for another mission. Mr. Santos B. Diola took over as an Officer-in-Charge. Later, Mr. Diola Assumed the position as High School Principal with Ms. Violeta U. Jimenez as OIC-Elementary/Registrar until the latter's transfer to Liceo de Calauan; Mrs. Milagros Rojas succeeded as Head Teacher-Elementary from SY 1995-1996 and after her retirement, Mrs. Mirruam S.Jumalon has been Head Teacher-Elementary from SY 2001-2006 and then transferred to Liceo de Victoria as Principal of the school. From here on, Mr. Diola has been Pricipal of both Elementary and High School Departments. Likewise, Mrs. Rosanna A. Remoquillo assumed her office as the Head Teacher of the Deparment fromm 2006 up to this date to assist the principal on grade school operations and procedures for more quality education and improvements in all asspects of both teachers and pupils as wel. The Progressive increase in enrolment if Liceo de San Pedro can be gleaned from the school`s facilities and infrastructure improvements like construction of the new 4-story building, the extension building with covered court additional classrooms well-equipped and modernized library, as well as the laboratories such as Science, Computer, and Speech offer for the students aside from the facilities but more importantly is the Scholastic and Spiritual development of every Licean with the aim; "Providing Catholic Education with Academic Exellence."